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  • How to get your cashflow under control and always have money in the bank
  • How to get the right structures in place NOW so you can scale up to $2mill, $3mill, even $5mill+ without the usual growing pains or working any harder.
  • The types of systems you need to slash your working hours back to 30-40 hours per week (so you have considerably more time to spend with family)
  • Avoid the traps most business owners fall into when growing their companies (save yourself the headache and learn these now!)
  • How you can get out of the vicious day-to-day cycle of managing your business
  • How to transform your business into a leveraged, high-profit vehicle that generates wealth, freedom and time for you and your family.
  • How to not only CREATE wealth but actually KEEP it too.

This is NOT for everybody. Here’s who I CAN help:

As these sessions take time, I'm quite picky about who we'll speak with so I’ve got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria you must meet in order for us to proceed.

  • Your business is turning over $750k at a bare minimum
  • You're in the Trades / Construction / Manufacturing / Service Based Business
  • You must be open to new ideas and trying something different (especially if what you’re currently doing isn’t working)

If you meet the criteria above and would like to chat about getting you incredible results, then I’ll happily set aside some time for you.

This session is of course free with no obligation.

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Remember - time is your most important asset.

Life goes past quickly and kids grow up fast...

That's why I encourage every business to at least consider if there is a better way they could be doing things.

Let's put a permanent end to those 60-80 weeks and put the right structures in place to transform your business into a vehicle for creating wealth, time and freedom.


Grab your free action plan today and together we can scale your business past $3mil while slashing your hours to 30-40 per week.

Success Stories From Other Business we've Worked With:

Matt Manning & 

Andrew Gorman

Gone from $1.5mill to $4.5mill in 2 years and are on track to hit $7-8 mill

this financial year.


Before Coaching, life was extremely stressful.  They were trying to do everything from quoting, running jobs, accounts, admin, still on the tools.  

They have 3x'd their business over the last 2 years, where they now have this amazing team that are committed to the business.

Life is less stressful and they now have an amazing work AND home life.

Corie Morrad
From $1million to $4million whist slashing his hours from 80-100 to 

30-40 hours a week

Corie's cleaning business was stuck at $1 million a year. 

Coaching helped him structure his business in a way that unlocked growth and profits, and quickly grew to make $4 million whilst reducing his work week from 80-100 hours per week to only 30 hours. 

Most importantly the company is no longer running him! A feeling most business owners never experience, running a business instead of it running them.

Nathan Gill  

From $150k to $240k months

with more family time & less stress


Nathan was your typical stressed out trades business owner between $1-$3mill, wearing all the hats, doing more than 60 hours a week.

Over the last 12 months he has increased his monthly revenue by 60% which has enabled him to hire an Admin Assistant, a BDM and a PM.

As a result, Nathan is less stressed, and is spending more time with his wife and children.

Zac Eaton

3x'd his Turnover and Profits

with more quality time with his family

Zac was wearing all the hats in the business, where his whole life was consumed by work. It made him feel guilty that he couldn’t spend the time that he wanted to with his family. 

In the last 18 months, his turnover and profit has tripled (3x) by getting his operational structure in place to give him the time to focus on actually growing his business.

The best thing is that when he spends time with his family, he is now present with them, not stressing or worrying about business.

Luke Collins

From $1mill to $3.5mill p/a, 5x Net Profit, personally happier than ever

Luke found himself in a situation where he was ‘comfortable’. Working for wages, not having the time freedom he desired from his business.

After 2 years with Pravar he is on track to go from $1mill to $3.5mill in turnover p/a with a 5x increase in Net Profit.

The best part is that his team are happy, he is happy, where his boat (business) has a steering wheel and he is in control of it.

Oliver Ball 
Delegated the busy work for more family time

When Oliver "hit the wall" after six years of operating his carpentry business, he wanted to get out of the stagnancy, but didn't know how to.

The Freedom System allowed him to reduce his work hours on the road and delegate operational tasks to the right people, which gave him the time to focus on driving larger profit margins on each job and more time to spend with his young family.

Matt Ferris 
Biggest year in revenue in 20 years all whilst reducing his hours to 40 hours per week

Matt knew there were opportunities out there but didn’t have the right operational structure and systems in place to seize them.

Coaching has enabled him to build an operational team around him which has freed him up to work ON the business and focus on strategic growth.

The best part is that he leaves work at work and spends quality time with his family.

Tony Raneberg 
More Profit with less stress and work

Tony was in business for 10 years but he was barely making ends meet and was always tired, stressed and angry.


He found that his business problems consumed him.

The Coaching Program showed him how to optimise the profitability of his business.


Tony is working less hours with less stress and he is generally a lot happier, spending more time with his family.

Greg Greenwood, GRK Plumbing, Drainage & Gas Fitting

"Our major focus in the coaching program has been in increasing the profitability of the Maintenance Department within GRK Plumbing.

We have since seen a 100% increase in turnover, doubled the size of the team and brought on 2 new tradesman. The maintenance department is now a stand-alone profitable arm of the business."

Brad Cooper, EvaporGas

"I originally reached out to Rob because I felt trapped in my business. I didn’t know where I was going and I had lost direction. I felt I had hit a glass ceiling, where I physically could not see how I could do anymore work.

Over the last 6 months, the changes have been fantastic. Coaching has really opened my eyes and changed the way that I think. As we speak, I am looking at closing a deal which will blow my turnover out of the water.

It is hard to believe that in such a short time, that things can change so much. Now I am in a position where a 2 man band will expand rapidly to a business of 6 – 8 employees. This year is looking really exciting."

Robert Smedley, Smedley Engineers

"I had only just started working for myself. I was floundering in my direction and motivation to grow the business.

I was turning over a substantial income, but it wasn’t producing for me a satisfaction in the work I was doing. I didn’t feel like I had the tools or the ability to excel beyond that.

Since starting Rob's coaching just 6 months ago, I have significantly increased the business; roughly quadrupled the amount of revenue each month. So much so now I recently landed a couple of single customers that produce the revenue that I was earning prior to working for myself.

This year’s projection is for me to further quadruple the business and I have plans currently in place for another engineer to join the business and another 2 to join the business before the year is out.”