2024 Annual Lifestyle Mastermind & Awards

Wednesday 31st July to Saturday 3rd of August 2024

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On behalf of the team at Pravar Group, I'd like to welcome you to Annual Lifestyle Mastermind and Awards Weekend in Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, Gold Coast.

This is a partners included weekend. It is an opportunity for the both of you to take some time out together from your day to day worlds and celebrate with the rest of the group on the year that has been. Remember this is a business trip for you and your partner.  If you did decide to have your family there for a holiday post the weekend, please ensure you arrange sitting services for when the partners only planned events are scheduled for Wednesday welcome drinks, Friday night awards night and farewell drinks on Saturday afternoon (with the exception of kids under 12 months as they are often Mum dependant).

We have put a hold on a number of accomodation rooms at Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort.  Here is the Accommodation Booking Page.  There are a number of room options at Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, so if you would like to discuss an alternate room type or a room upgrade, please reach out to the in-house reservations team and advise that you are with the Pravar Group Conference. To contact the in-house reservations team, please email reservations.goldcoast@sheraton.com or call 07 5577 0000. 

There are also a number of apartment options at Main Beach, Gold Coast that are in close vicinity to Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort

We can't wait to celebrate the 2024 Financial Year for you all.

Rob, Jacqui & the Coaching Team

Sheraton Mirage, Gold Coast

Theme: Leadership & Building High Performing Teams
When building a Lifestyle Business, your success is not solely determined by how hard you work, it's determined by how well you lead.
As your business model affords it, it is about transitioning from doing everything to leading everyone... over time. 

Because when you look at any business who has achieved sustainable and scalable growth over the long term, they have a strong, competent, and unified team forging the path ahead towards the achievement of the businesses vision.

This is achieved by having the right people,  in the right positions, supported by the right processes, all held together by strong leadership.
In order to get the most out of your team, it is important to find the balance between Leadership and Management and knowing when to lead and when to manage.

Leadership is about getting people to understand and believe in your vision and to work with you to achieve your goals.

Management is more about administering and making sure the day-to-day things are happening as they should.

By developing and mastering these skillsets over the coming years you will achieve what very few business owners ever experience, running a business instead of it running them.

Wednesday 31st July, 2024

Welcome Drinks (Clients & Partners)

Meet and greet drinks is an opportunity for you to bring your partner and have a meet and greet before we kick off the formalities of the weekend.

  • Venue: Pearls Bar, Sheraton Mirage
  • Time: Approx. 4pm - 6pm
  • Drinks are at you own expense

Thursday 1st August, 2024

Client Conference -> Mastermind & Training Day

The Power of this Mastermind is a group of businessmen, with a common Vision, who come together to challenge each other to step up and play a bigger game, through CelebrationCollaboration & Community.

Mastermind Round Tables: The intention of the first half of Thursday is to celebrate your successes from the 2024 Financial year and then support each other with an improvement that each of you on your round table want to make in the up and coming quarter that is going to knock it out of the part in the remainder of the 2024 Calendar Year.  Please make sure you come prepared for the Wins & Improvement (Bevan) Sessions.  For some of you, you will have some great business wins, others will have some great personal wins, others will have both. Remember, they are your wins, so be proud of what you have achieved and who you have become in the process.

Client Feature Session: This session is an integral part of the Mastermind weekends.  It is an opportunity for a client from within the group to share their story and inspire those in the group to achieve greater levels of success.  This quarter we are going to be hearing from Tyrone Pternitis from At Oz Industries.

Training Session: There will be a training sessions in the afternoon from Rob who will be speaking on Three words to Transformational Change.

  • Start time: 8am for a 8.15am start. Finished by: 5.30pm
  • Conference Room: Pandanus Room
  • Attire for the day: Casual Clothes
  • What to bring: Your laptop and a notebook
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided for the day

Partners Lunch

Whilst Clients are in the conference room, partners lunch is a great opportunity for partners to catch up socially and get to know each other over a casual lunch.  Kids are welcome.

  • Venue:Terraces Restaurant
  • Time: 12pm 
  • Food and Drinks are at you own expense

Thursday Night -> Free Night

Thursday night is free time.  As a group, it is an opportunity for everyone to grab a beer / wine / feed together and enjoy each others company and celebrate the year that has been

Friday 2nd August, 2024

Client Conference -> Training Day

Back into the conference room we go for day 2, Training DayOne of the most difficult transitions for leaders to make is the shift from doing to managing to leading.

For you to be an effective leader you MUST empower and trust your team, hold them accountable, stop being a control freak and relinquish control to enable them to do what they were hired to do in the first place.  Like anything in leadership, it is learnable skills that is developed and mastered overtime.

In this 4 part training session, Dan Stones talks through the Team Craft framework, which will enable you to expand your leadership, culture and build a high performance team that are working together to achieve a common goal.

Session 1: Team Craft: Part 1 - Hope, Courage & Confidence

Session 2: Team Craft: Part 2 - Trust, Awareness & Purpose

Session 3: Team Craft: Part 3 - Leadership & Culture

Session 4 - Culture Practical Exercise

  • Start time: 8am for a 8.15am start.  Finished by: 3.15pm
  • Conference Room: Pandanus Room
  • Attire for the day: Casual Clothes
  • What to bring: Your laptop and a notebook
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided for the day

Annual Awards Dinner (Clients & Partners)

The awards dinner is a night to celebrate everyone's achievements and recognise a select few with the Pravar Group Awards. 

  • Awards venue: Horizons Function Room
  • Client arrive and welcome drinks: 5pm
  • Group photo will be at 5.30pm
  • Dinner attire: Cocktail
  • Awards dinner concludes at 10pm

Awards up for grabs: Community, Transformation, Bevan, Turnaround, Excellence.

The awards night will include; Canapés, a 2 course dinner & drinks.   

Saturday 3rd August, 2024

Client FunDay - > Yot 75 Boat Trip

FunDay is all about building the bonds and friendships amongst the members of the Mastermind. We are going for a day trip on Yot 75 to celebrate the year that has been.

What to bring: Boardies, towel, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera

Travel sick tablets for those who might need them.

Please congregate in the foyer between 8.15-8.25am.  

We are departing at 8.30am Sharp

8.30 - 8.45am: Walk to Marina

9am - 2pm: Yot 75

2pm - 2.15pm: Disembark & walk to Yot Deck for farewell drinks

Client Loud Shirt Day

Loud Shirt Thursday is an initiative that was born from within members of the Mastermind to make a stance against the stigma around mental health issues.  We are making it clear that as a man it isn’t weak to speak up about the things that are going on in our lives.  

We know that 'Together we are Stronger', that you need good people around you who are going to be there, not only when you're winning, but when the chips are down.  That's what makes this family so powerful.

I wonder who is going to get the Chump Jacket?

Farewell Drinks (Clients & Partners)

There's no better way to top off a Mastermind weekend than with a final farewell drink with everyone.

Bring your partner celebrate a wonderful weekend together before everyone goes their separate ways.  

  • Venue:YOT Deck (Marina)
  • Time: Approx. 2.30pm - 4.30pm
  • Drinks are at you own expense

Transforming Businesses  |  Reconnecting Families