October 2024 Mastermind Weekend

20th to 22nd October 2022

On behalf of the team at Pravar Group, I'd like to welcome you to the up and coming Mastermind Weekend at Capri by Fraser in Brisbane. 

Below is the agenda for the weekend.

If you can make the social drinks on Wednesday afternoon, it would be great to see you there before we kick off with the formalities on Thursday morning.

We will be finished by 3pm on Saturday.  Please don't leave early.

We can't wait to see you all for another great Mastermind Weekend.

Rob & the Coaching Team

Capri by Fraser Brisbane

 80 Albert St, Brisbane

Theme: Modelling, Management & Reporting

Making money in business is one thing, but having the the right financial management and dashboard reporting systems to Manage and maximise the profitability and ROI for shareholders is a completely different story.

The Manage section of The Freedom System enables you to scale effectively, and manage money, so once made, it stays within the business longer to maximise the ROI for shareholders.  

Financial management is one of the most important responsibilities of a business owner. They must consider the potential consequences of their management decisions on profits, cash flow and on the financial position of the company.  The activities of every aspect of a business have an impact on the company's financial performance and must be evaluated and controlled by the business owner.  

A suite of Financial and Operational Management Tools and Systems must be integrated into the business to measure and manage your key drivers which derive your desired outcomes as per the assumptions in the financial model.  This then enables the production of Critical Success Factors (CFS's) (in the form of a dashboard) that is critical for the key stakeholders to manage business and calculate ROI.   

Having accurate Modelling, Management and Reporting in place moves you from a position of ‘hoping’, ‘wishing’ and ‘wanting’… to a heightened level of clarity, confidence and certainty around the financial position of your business.

This weekend is about doing a deep dive on the Manage Section of The Freedom System, so you can manage excess earnings, so they stay within the business longer and grow more rapidly using The Freedom Dashboard System.

Thursday 20th October, 2022

Client Conference - Mastermind & Training Day

The Power of this Mastermind is a group of businessmen, with a common Vision, who come together to challenge each other to step up and play a bigger game, through CelebrationCollaboration & Community.  We have 3 main sessions on the first day; mastermind, client feature and a training session.

Mastermind Sessions:

The intention of the first half of Thursday is to celebrate your successes from Q3, 2022 and then support / challenge each other to solve your greatest problem holding you back (either personal or business) through input and advice from each other.  

Please make sure you come prepared for the Wins & Successes Session.  For some of you, you will have some great business wins, others will have some great personal wins, others will have both. Remember, they are your wins, so be proud of what you have achieved and who you have become in the process.

Client Feature Session:

These sessions are an integral part of the Mastermind weekends.  It is an opportunity for a client from within the group to share their story and inspire those in the group to achieve greater levels of success.  This quarter we are going to be hearing from Tim Oake from Life Outdoors

Training Session: Being Unapologetically Profit Driven - Rob Kropp

Start time: 8.00am for a 8.15am start. Finished by: 5.00pm

Conference Room: The Pod, Capri by Fraser

Attire for the day: Loud Shirt and casual

What to bring: Your laptop and a notebook

Morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea are provided for the day.

Thursday night is free time.  As a group, it is an opportunity for everyone to grab a drink and a feed together and continue the conversations and masterminding.

Loud Shirt Day

Loud Shirt day is an initiative that was born from within members of the Mastermind to make a stance against the stigma around mental health issues.  We are making it clear that as a man it isn’t weak to speak up about the things that are going on in our lives.  

We know that 'Together we are Stronger', that you need good people around you who are going to be there, not only when you're winning, but when the chips are down.  That's what makes this family so powerful.

I wonder who is going to get the Chump Jacket?

Friday 21st October, 2022

Client Conference - Training & FunDay

Back into the conference room we go for day 2, Training Day.  We will have a range of speakers to help you further develop your financial mindset and skillset so you can live a life free from financial constraints, then off to Kangaroo Point Cliff's we go for Friday FunDay activity.

Training Session: Triple Bottom Line Reporting System

Profitable businesses have owners who analyse relevant and timely financial statements so that they can manage and control the profitability, equity and cashflow of the business.  They use data to make accurate and informed decisions, armed with facts and figures, rather than a gut feel alone.  In this session, Gav will discuss the 3 Financial Reports make up different segments of your current Financial Position, and how they can be reviewed and analysed together to provide a complete picture.

Training Session: The Psychology of the Set & Serve System

The Set & Serve System, is a step by step system, that combines psychology and strategy to build profit driven wealth and achieve financial and personal freedom using a rapidly growing business as the vehicle.  In this session, Rob will focus on the psychology of the System to ensure you overcome any self imposed limitations to systematically use your business to make profit and build wealth.

Start time: 8.15am for a 8.30am start.  Finished by: 1.00pm

Conference Room: The Pod, Capri by Fraser

Attire for the day: Casual (appropriate clothing for FunDay Activity - Abseiling & Rock climbing)

What to bring: Your laptop and a notebook

Morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea are provided.

FunDay Activity

FunDay is all about building the bonds and friendships amongst the members of the Mastermind. 

Activity: Abseiling & Rock Climbing - Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Please congregate in the foyer by 1.15pm

Start: 1.30pm | Finish: by 5pm

What to bring: Hat, sunglasses and closed in shoes (Joggers / Runners)

suitable for rock climbing & Abseiling

Social Drinks and Dinner

After the day together, freshen up, then off to dinner we go for a night of fun, laughter and celebration.  

Dinner is on us as our way of saying congratulations on what you have achieved in Q3, 2022.  

Drinks are at your own expense.

Location: Port Office Hotel

Start time: 7.00pm - 10pm

Dinner attireSmart casual

Saturday 22nd October, 2022

Client Conference - Mindset & Training Day

Back into the conference room we go for day 3, Mindset & Training Day.  We will be hearing from our key note speaker, Dr Justin Coulson and a training session on Margin Management by Gav Houston & Your Money Blueprint by Rob Kropp.

Start time: 8.15am for a 8.30am start.  Finished by: 3.00pm

Conference Room: The Pod, Capri by Fraser

Attire for the day: Casual

What to bring: Your laptop and a notebook

Morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea are provided.

Key Note Speaker: Dr Justin Coulson

Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia’s leading parenting experts and is a highly sought-after international speaker and author. He and his wife Kylie are the parents of six daughters.  Justin is going to speak to us about communication, relationships and family dynamics.

Training Session: Margin Management - Gav Houston

Training Session: Your Money Blueprint - Rob Kropp

Key Note Speaker: Dr Justin Coulson

Transforming Businesses  |  Reconnecting Families