If you are looking to increase your productivity at work, train your brain to be more focused and get things done in half the time.

There are a wide range of methods and simple brain exercises that you can adopt to improve focus. Below we have outlined what we think works best and you will see a notable increase in your overall productivity in a matter of days and weeks.

Focus On One Task

This may seem a little straightforward, but the best method of tricking your brain into focusing is to isolate your tasks into one, digestible piece of work. While multi-tasking is great, it could also slow you down so never stretch yourself too thin, or else the work you do will be just as thin.

This isolation works best when you remove any distractions (productivity burners) from your immediate vicinity, such as colleagues and phones, but also remove any papers or documents relating to other work. That way, your brain focuses on the one thing in front of it.


Go for a Walk

There is nothing more nourishing for the creative mind than a carefree stroll. Try to take some time out of your day, anywhere up to an hour, to reflect inward and create a calm mental state.

Use this time to passively think about the work ahead, but try not to stress out about anything. Not only is this healthy for your body, but your brain and focus improves as a result of the increased blood flow. After your walk, you can return to tackle your tasks head on.



Meditation is like a heightened form of walking for the brain. If you have never meditated before, here are a few free and paid for meditation apps that you can easily download and follow on your phone.

By removing the clutter from inside your head, you can hone your focus towards the one task you really need to accomplish. In the space of a few minutes, the benefits of meditation are tremendous to reset your brain into a state of intense focus and productivity.

The key to honing your focus is to be self-aware ā€” know your own shortfalls and where you can do better. The above suggestions are great ways to get started because they work universally.

To truly make the most out of your brain, though, you need to find out what works for you and what doesnā€™t. Once you do, your focus and productivity will improve dramatically.


Finding focus is one of the core aspects to drive your business successfully. Do away with the distractions, learn to compartmentalise and do what needs to be done now. 


Rob Kropp

Founder - Pravar Group

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