Almost every Trade & Construction business owner is losing money in these 5 areas.

In last weeks episode we spoke about an all too common scenario where business owners will go from $750k to $1mill to $1.25mill or more and expect to make more cash than they’ve ever made before, but what we see instead is they grow and the money problems they had at $750k follow them so instead they make less than they’ve ever made.

One of the reasons for this is the ‘leaky bucket’ and today we’re taking you through 5 Strategies we’ve implemented with clients that has added hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line, that you can implement as well.

You’ll Learn:

🔨 The biggest mistake people make with their pricing (and how to avoid it) 

🔨 How Robbie the builder found $100k of work he was doing for FREE 

🔨 One conversation you can have that will save you 5-10% on supplier costs 

🔨 Whether you REALLY need additional team and how one of our clients saved $240k a year but maintained the same level of output 

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Listen now:

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