Do you have no shortage of work, but when you try to grow you find the net profit stays the same or in some cases, decreases?

Would you love to hire someone to look after more admin stuff, bookwork, schedule jobs, etc. But don’t know how you’d afford it when you already have so many expenses to pay off. So you end up doing it yourself to save money and drive the business forward. However…

Are you working 60-80+ hours a week, spending weeknights and weekends in front of the computer, instead of being with the people you’re working so hard for - your family!


It’s a common state many of my clients are in when I first begin working with them.  Most trades & construction businesses get stuck in the $1-3 million mark. 

We call this the ‘Nightmare Zone’.  

Take Adrian for example.

When I first me Adrian, he had been in business three years and was doing $1.2M in sales, however cash flow was still a major issue for him. He would get to the end of every month and barely have enough to scrape by on… even though he was making $100k a month in sales.

To make matters worse, he was also working 70 hours a week, which was causing major issues in his family life.

For Adrian, cash flow and profitability always seemed to be an issue and he was so caught up in the day to day operations he could not see the forest for the trees…the curse of most business owners.

When I asked him to tell me what he was doing in the business, he said:

“I’m responsible for marketing, meeting with potential customers, measuring up the job and completing the quotes, converting the sale with the customer, ordering the materials, receiving in of the goods, overseeing the installation, helping out on jobs, not too mention all the bookwork and administration duties as well.”

I was worn out just hearing everything he was doing, and no wonder his business was struggling with cash flow and profitability and was working 70 hours a week.

He admitted he was a bit of a perfectionist and a control freak.

He had a work harder mentality, not a work smarter mentality.

The Solution:

  • Hire an Installation Manager to take responsibility of final measure up, ordering of the materials, receiving in of the goods, overseeing of the installation and helping out as required.
  • Introduce a paperless workflow system – this immediately saved 10-15 hours a week.

The Result:

  • Delegating more to his current employees and leveraging through new employees was the key to him getting his cash flow and time under control.
  • It allowed him to stop stressing about the 100 different fires going on everyday and focus on marketing and sales to grow the business.
  • Most importantly he regained his weekends and nights to spend with his wife and young family.

What strategies do you need to execute on in order to structure your

business in a way to unlock growth and profits, enabling time freedom

and most importantly reconnection with your family?

Like Adrian, your Do-Do-Do Mindset is causing you harm

Your Do-Do-Do Mindset and the way you operate due to that mindset is causing you to feel trapped, overwhelmed, and lacking direction in your business.

You’ve stolen time away from your life, your family, and your relationships to do everything yourself. You believe your business deserves more of your time than your own life does.

This mindset has caused you to believe that if you put in more hours yourself, you’ll make more money.

This old world mindset means you are completely consumed with work. And what usually happens is you’re not achieving the success you think you deserve, and aren’t making the money to show for your efforts, while at the same time you have no room to think about all the great things in your life.

You may feel as though you’re working to get what you want out of life, but you’re failing to enjoy all you’re working so hard for.

This archaic mindset is causing you harm.

Don’t you think it’s time to change?


It’s time to Break out and Break through to the Freedom & Family Zone

What you want is to create the life you desire, and to do this you’ll need more profit, more leverage, and a bigger team.

To do this, you’ll need a greater top line revenue to fund the operational structures required to give you this leverage (time and profits) that you desire.

The process of leverage requires a major transition from DOING EVERYTHING to LEADING EVERYONE.

It’s a mental shift that involves your work, mindset and goals going from IN the business to working ON the business. When you get to this point, your whole world changes for the better, forever.

Rob Kropp

Founder - Pravar Group

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