There are things in this episode I have never spoken about before. 

Welcome to Episode Two of The Trade Den, an episode I was a little apprehensive about recording.  This week we’re giving Dan Stones creative control to ask any question about my origin story and how Pravar Group came to be. 

We go right back to the start, talking about what it was like being a kid with a Dad who was the typical tradie who worked his arse off to provide for our family, my honest thoughts at that time, and how it has shaped me to be who I am today as a husband, father and businessman. 

Along with something I see so many tradies do when running their own business which is why their businesses just aren’t working. 

You’ll Hear:

<img role= Where the name Pravar came from  

<img role= The Reason I started coaching in the first place 

<img role= What it takes to transition from a tradesman to a successful business owner

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