Overcoming Fear to Break Through the $1mil Mark

How do you GROW your business when you have no more hours to give and you’re only JUST paying yourself a wage? 

Today’s guest was working 100 hours per week, sleeping 4-5 hours a night, felt like he could only focus on his family OR his business, and was faced with the choice to either scale his business back OR make a change. 

We’re joined by Phil Dawes from The Great Outdawes Landscaping, who started with Pravar back in 2020 and has gone from working from 6am to midnight most nights and weekends to consistently finishing at 2pm with enough time and flexibility to pick his kids up from school and spend time with his family on the weekend. 

All whilst growing his business to a team of 17, making more money than ever before, and has been able to focus on his health, losing over 26 kilos in the process. 

Listen in to Learn:

🔨 The 3 Fears that were keeping Phil Trapped at $1mil working 100 hours weeks, Confused and Disconnected from his Family 

🔨 The decision Phil made to slash his hours down to 40, allowing him to pick his kids up 4 days a week

🔨 The deadline Phil set himself that let him work a 9-day fortnight WITHOUT letting his team or clients down 

🔨 The key changes that ALSO helped Phil grow from $1mil to $4mil in 4 years

Listen now:


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