As a business owner in the trades and construction industry, your to-do list can often feel never-ending… and just when you get a handle on it, the phone rings and a client or one of your team needs you urgently. 

We learnt last week that you can’t MAKE more time so if you are going to make a change this year and you want to GROW your business you need to DECIDE where you are going to invest your time. 

There are THREE key areas that the most successful business owners work with a master, so they are not slaves to time…

They make great decisions around what to Prioritise, how they Focus AND how they manage their Energy; and in today’s episode teaching you about all three. 

So HOW do you decide? That is what we are talking about today. 

You’ll Learn:

<img draggable= How to master your Priorities, rather than being a Slave to Time

<img draggable= The 1 simple strategy which will help you identify up to 20 hours of Low Value Tasks (LVT’s) that can be deleted or delegated

<img draggable= How to Focus on getting the important things done, rather than firefighting and getting caught in the urgency of low tasks

<img draggable= How improving your health and well-being increases your personal productivity

<img draggable= How you show up as a leader sets the standards amongst your team and what you can do to shift the culture to a high-performing business.

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Listen now:

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