Turning $6.5 Mil and Working 30 Hours A Week

If you’re currently working ridiculous hours in your business, wearing all of the hats and trying to keep everything a float, the reason you’re probably pushing through is for your family. But as you heard in our origin story often you working so hard can be the thing that completely tears your family apart, like it almost did for our guest today. 

Nathan Wilson owns Rescue U Plumbing and when he came to work with Pravar 7 years ago his wife Ricci had just told him that she felt like a single parent, that their kids didn’t even know him and that ‘something had to change or they were all out’. It’s a story we hear too often and so today we want to share what can happen if you do take that first step to decide differently. 

For Nathan he went from working 7 days a week and all hours of the night, earning $2.2mil with only 2% Profit to now working 30 hours a week and turning over $6.5mil a year with a team of 28 and becoming an inspiration to so many within the Pravar family. 

They say success leaves clues and there’s A LOT in here so make sure you stay tuned to the end of this one. 

You’ll Learn:

<img role=The Roadmap to build a true Lifestyle Trades Business, achieving balance and order and get your life back

<img role=A Proven Structure that leverages your time down to 30 – 40 hour week and 4–6 weeks holiday a year.  In this case, Nathan took 12 weeks last year.

<img role=Who to hire and When (including Operational Team, Admin Team, Ground Crew) to build a business under management even when you don’t have the funds 

<img role=The management skills required to drive accountability and build a culture that your team want to be apart of

<img role=How to be the leader your team need so that they grow WITH you and want to stay 

<img role=What Nathan implements now that lets him be the best dad, husband, leader AND still look after himself 

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