“If I wasn’t in coaching and I didn’t face the facts I don’t think I’d be in a relationship, my family would be broken … and I’d be stressed and dealing with all sorts of problems.”

This week’s guest is Anthony Rentzis from Hypower Electrical & Security and Absolute Airflow, he started working with Pravar in 2021, and aside from the obvious business success we are going to talk about in this episode, he has done a complete 180 in so many aspects of his personal life. 

When he started with us he was working 70+ hours a week, was on the tools full time (and trying to send quotes in between the team asking questions or needing a hand) and although he was doing around $ 1 million a year in revenue, his relationship was suffering and he was using alcohol as an outlet for all of the stress and pressure he was feeling. 

We talk about how Anthony not only turned this around but also the strategies he used, and the steps he took which have allowed him to cut his working hours back to 40 a week (or less) even though he now has a second business AND be in a position where he can take uninterrupted holidays with his family and focus on other wealth generation activities. 

If you currently feel like there’s no way that you can get out of the cycle you’re currently in, growing a team feels daunting or you can feel yourself perhaps reaching for vices more than you want to, this story is a must listen. 

You’ll Learn:

<img role=The 3 key phases of Strategic and Sustainable growth that lead to a revenue increase from $1Mill to $3.6Mill in 2.5 years

<img role=How Structure enabled Anthony to go from 70-hour weeks to 40-hour weeks, managing 2 businesses

<img role=The power of facing the facts around Alcohol as a crutch to numb stress

<img role=How to unlock Time as a pathway to Building Wealth, Personal Transformation and Family Reconnection

<img role=What Anthony focus on to create a $650k Net Profit turnaround in 12 months

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