Statistics also show that one of the major causes of relationship breakups is money. 

Financial stress is also perceived to be one of the most important sources of psychosocial stress because so many of the basic activities of daily life are associated with personal financial resources and their management.

Sadly, there is a growing community of stressed, unhappy, unhealthy and cash stricken business owners who are putting their financial future on the line...even though the statistics are stacked against them to succeed and achieve the very thing that they went into business for in the first place...Family & Freedom

Let's face the facts... There is never a lack of opportunity to make money. 


When you adopt this belief system, your world with change forever.

That is why the process is called the Goal ‘Achievement’ Process… Because it’s designed to help you look inwards and engineer that internal purpose for creating wealth and to train your brain to see and capitalise on the opportunities.

(If you haven't done so already, make sure you go back and complete the activities from the previous steps of Goal Achievement ProcessStep 1 - Clarity of Vision)

The problem is not knowing the How To’s or where to find the help with them.

It has everything to do with not having that compelling ‘why’, that internal driving force to make the decisions and take action to make money and create wealth.

Opportunities are always around, the question is, will you engineer a vision so powerful, you can see them with your mind’s eye and be inspired to take action on those opportunities?


If you have not heard my story, I literally crashed and burned financially at the age of 26. It was so bad that I could not even afford to pay my parents rent after moving back home.

It was this time in life that I learned 3 powerful lessons about business, wealth and life.

Even though I was broke financially AND emotionally, it fuelled my obsession to learn about what it really took to succeed in business and become wealthy.

Specifically what were the right Mindset, Strategies and a System to build long term sustainable wealth and achieve financial and personal freedom using a rapidly growing business as the vehicle, in the safest most sustainable way possible.

I researched the areas of psychology, human behaviour and neuroscience and how they related business and wealth success.

Personally for myself, as I started clawing myself out of my financial mess, I found myself hitting new comfort zones, different levels of plateau’s and even times of stagnation both personally and in business.  There were times where I could not understand when I started meeting my debts and starting living the lifestyle that I was accustomed to, why was it that my business stopped growing?

I was telling myself and others that I was driven by making money, but my actions and behaviours showed a different story.

I lost the motivation to generate new leads, ask for referrals or push sales like I use to.

Consciously I wanted to help more people, but I just seemed to lose that internal drive I use to have. I knew what I had to do and was supposed to do, but I knew deep down that something was missing, something wasn’t right.


My biggest wake up call was when I realised that its not the lack of skill set or knowledge or the How To’s that hold us back...It's the ‘Why’.

Why do I want to build a business that serves ever-greater numbers of people?

Why do I want to have a business that continually looks for ways to maximise profits? Why do I want to build wealth and amass a vast fortune?

I had a double degree in Accounting and Financial Planning. I knew the ‘How To’s’ when it came to it all...I missed the Why. Boy was that a slap in the face.

During this time I was consulting with hundreds of people, and I found a common trend...

People who were stagnant or worse yet going backwards financially, was not necessarily the symptom of a bad economy, government, or poor marketplace. The lack of money is merely the symptom of a greater problem, not the cause.

Deeper to this, I found that these business owners (like I did) lacked meaning, purpose and had little clarity on where they are going financially and in life in general. Their stagnant business was merely a reflection of their stagnant life and no clear and meaningful vision for their future.


First you must engineer your VISION, underpinned by a compelling WHY.

Let me give you a client examples of how knowing your WHY and getting clarity around your VISION can create huge transformations…

Corie the Cleaner


  • 10 years in business without any growth
  • Time poor, therefore putting pressure on personal relationships
  • Struggling to save anything even with good turn-over


  • Increased turnover from $1.46m to $3.8m
  • Went from working 80-100 hours a week down to 30-40 hours a week
  • No longer works IN the business, focused on family and travel
  • More confident about financial future than ever

Over to you... What is your vision for the future? What really lights you up? What drives you?

Remember The Goal Achievement Process: Vision -> Why -> Beliefs -> Habits = Goal Achievement

An inspiring Vision, underpinned by a compelling Why, supported with empowering Beliefs and the alignment of consistent Habits = achievement of goals and living life on your terms…!

Let me help you Discover your WHY…

  1. What lights you up? What inspires you? What makes you feel alive? I’m not just talking about taking a holiday or driving a fast car, delve deeper than that. A why that is about being bigger than just you. It’s about taking what gets you up in the morning and using that to make a difference in the world, and have an impact that is unique to you.
  1. What are your talents? What strengths do you feel are inherent? It’s a feeling being ‘in your element’. It’s a time when productivity, adding value, enjoyment and fulfilment converge. It also happens to be a place where you can make more money!
  1. Where do you make the most difference? Knowing where you can add value can help you to focus on opportunities. Ask what problems you’re good at solving. This will help you to see what your natural strengths are.
  1. What’s your yardstick? How do you value yourself and measure your life? What do you stand for? What does being in alignment mean to you?


Living with vision and purpose means focusing on the things that matter to you most, which by the way are generally not ‘things’.

When you get clear on your WHY you get clear in your driving force. And when that happens you can start to gain clarity on your vision.  Goals with ‘vision’ and a ‘why’ are achieved.

Rob Kropp

Founder - Pravar Group

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