How often have you found that you set the intentions, and put the strategies, plans and action steps in place, but lack the focus, motivation and drive to achieve your goals?

How often have you wanted to push out of your comfort zone and change for a better future, however you are paralysed by fear? Maybe of failure or doubt in your ability to be good enough or worthy of the achievement of your goals?

Maybe you have engineered a powerful vision, but all you seem to attract is obstacle after obstacle, everywhere you go, and no matter what you try, you cannot seem to get ahead.


The Goal Achievement Process (GAP): Vision -> Why -> Beliefs -> Habits = Goal Achievement

An inspiring Vision, underpinned by a compelling Why, supported with empowering Beliefs and the alignment of consistent Habits = achievement of goals and living life on your terms...!

I discussed in previous articles the importance of Clarity of your Vision (Step 1 of 4), which is supported by a Compelling Why (Step 2 of 4).


In this article I want to explain the importance of Beliefs, because without all four of the components of the GAP in alignment, your goals will remain in the realm of dreams, not reality.

BELIEFS: What we hold to be TRUE right now


What we say to ourselves, what we think, and what we hold true to ourselves as beliefs, determines what we will receive in life.

It is our belief that drives our actions / in-actions, decisions / indecisions and behaviours, as well as our thoughts and perceptions of reality.

It has been proven time and time again, that you ultimately receive exactly what you feel you are worth, no more and no less.

Most people underestimate the power of limiting beliefs and how they can have such a dramatic control over your life.

Research suggests that we have created these deep rooted beliefs in the form of feelings, thoughts and emotions through patterns of behaviour in the form of negative thinking, fear, doubt, worry, lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

How we perceive and experience the world is really shaped by our beliefs, through our senses, in what we have seen, heard and experienced.


More often than not, as we go through life, we are not even conscious of the limiting beliefs we are thinking, feeling and expressing towards ourselves. We’re on autopilot, staying in our comfort zone.

At the heart of failing to achieve your goals is a set of limiting beliefs

and negative thoughts that are holding you back.

You have all the power within you to make the choice to stop giving them power, ruling and controlling you on an unconscious level.

Imagine how life would be different if there was nothing holding you back from being, doing or achieving anything in your life.

Only when you stop giving power to those beliefs that are holding you back, 

will you begin to achieve your goals and live life to your true potential.

I have a client named Robert who, when he first met me, had a pretty deep limiting belief causing him to hate sales. He was hesitating to sell because he thought it was too pushy.

When I sat down with him we came up with a basic idea of how he could sell his services by explaining the unique value he brought to the table.

I had him tell me about the deals you have sitting out there on the table. He talked me through them, and low and behold, they amassed to about $1 million dollars worth of deals.

Once I figured out the main bottleneck that was holding him back, which in this case was his own mindset around sales, he quickly got on the phone to the deals that were sitting out there and converted over $200,000 in sales.

Since then, he has also

  • Significantly increasing market share and recently won 2 of the largest customers in the whole of Australia
  • In 12 months, he grew from making approximately $200,000 in sales, to having 2 other consultants and a full time admin assistant working for him and making a minimum of $1,000,000 per year.
  • He will go from making $200k revenue to making $200k net profit, all whilst going from working 50 hours a week down to working 30 hours a week, being able to work from anywhere in Australia.

This was all achieved by eliminating limiting beliefs that were holding him back, and aligning his target with new empowering beliefs about himself, business and money that propelled him forward outside of his comfort zone, rather than shrinking and playing safe.


Don’t you think it is time that you let go of those outdated beliefs and self imposed limitations that you have been carrying around with you like a knapsack on your back, dragging you down and hold you back from your true potential.

Rob Kropp

Founder - Pravar Group

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