How Ben Wolff went from $250k In Debt to be On Track to Turnover $5Mil

One of our core principles in Pravar is to ‘Never Settle’ and Ben Wolff from Wolff Energy Solutions is someone who lives and breathes that principle.

Ben previously worked 60 hours a week on the tools, only to come home and do another 20 hours in the office on top of that at nights and weekends. Like so many other trades business owners he got into business to try and get some more freedom and time back but he ended up feeling trapped and although there wasn’t a way out … and on top of all of that he had over $250K in debt to the ATO and suppliers. 

Ben had so many areas in his business where he had set himself up for failure, not because he did anything wrong, but because he didn’t know any better and it’s something we see time and time again. 

If you’re not making the money you currently want to see in business or working too many hours this success story and turnaround holds some incredible insights into the first steps you can take to make a change. 

You’ll Learn:

🔨 The Pricing Structure that meant Ben was losing money every time he quoted 

🔨 How he paid off over $250K in Debt AND still grew his business 

🔨 The exact structure that has allowed Ben to grow a $3mil Lifestyle Trades business, in a 40 hour week, and be on track to do $5mil this year

🔨 How your self confidence, self belief and self worth, can be your biggest limitation or your greatest enabler of personal and business success

🔨 A mistake we see most trades and construction business owners make that you can stop today, if you listen to this episode. 

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