As a leader, minimising interruptions, maintaining focus, managing priorities and keeping control of your time is the key to maximising productivity, performance and profitability.

As your team grows around you, the chances are you find yourself managing all their priorities, fighting fires going and as a result not having time for yourself to work on the high-priority activities which you know are going to generate the results in the long-term.

When this happens, it causes you to work ridiculous hours, robs you of your life, taking away precious family time.

There are a few ways to stop people from hijacking your time.

1. Protect your time: Gather your team together in the morning with a daily huddle and help them identify what they need to get done, their obstacles and how you can work with them to overcome those obstacles.

By getting them set up, you're getting yourself set too.  Your team will work on what they need to get done.  This will allow you to work on driving the business forward and your team will simultaneously drive the business forward too.

2. Adopt a problem SOLVING approach: Get your team to come up with solutions to their problems so you aren't bombarded with issues all day.

If you can train them to create solutions to their problems, it will help them move forward to overcome their challenges and save you a lot of time.

Rob Kropp

Founder - Pravar Group

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