Do you feel like you spend your day fighting fires, solving everyone's else's problems?

Of course you do... they are time thief’s and we all have them - whether it’s phones, social media, team members, customers or suppliers – It doesn’t matter who or what it is, one of the biggest challenges of succeeding today in business is the ability to manage yourself and your own priorities.

The key thing is - time manages itself well, you don't have to manage it. You have to manage yourself and your priorities in the day, while having the ability to saying NO to more things and YES to fewer things that'll ultimately move you towards your goals.

One of the biggest mistakes of business owners is having to say YES to everything and succumb to everyone else's agendas. This prevents them from moving one step further in that day to achieve their goals.

If you look at successful people like Barrack Obama, Richard Branson and Warren Buffet, they have the exact amount of time as you and I do in a day. But the difference between them and us is that they've mastered the art to say NO to time thieves and block their time to work on their highest priority activities.

How do you time block?

Find the time of the day when you're most alert and productive. For me, I'm the most energetic in the morning so I time block the hours between 8am to lunch to speak to my clients (which is my first highest priority activity), followed by talking to my team members and then answer emails.

Get rid of the distractions then work with intent and intensity when you're working on these high priority activities as it'll enable you to work through them much quicker.

Rob Kropp

Founder - Pravar Group

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