The ability to attract and retain employee talent is vital for success in any business.

It is however one of the most challenging tasks most business owners face, often holding the growth of the business back.

Recruiting the right person for the right roles takes time, focus and effort.

You can attract good quality staff by:

  • Being very clear on exactly what the ROLE is and what it requires so that you don't have a mismatch of the role and person.
  • Knowing exactly WHO you're looking for - their experience, backgrounds, attributes and skills set. This will enable you to put the right person in for the job.
  • Exhaust all areas to find this person (use LinkedIn,, network with others you know and look at who's working for your competitors).

In this process, you have to believe that it is possible to find good quality people to work and drive your business forward with you.

Rob Kropp

Founder - Pravar Group

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