A business owner needs to understand how to build good systems. This will free you from being a prisoner of the daily grind in your business.

Think about McDonalds and other big successful food franchises - they have a solid and good set of systems that enable the business to operate on its own, hire the staff to continue and work with the system and always make profit.

Having a well developed system in place is crucial because without one, it can implode when your business grows rapidly.

These are the four main reasons why you should create good systems:

1. It saves time - Optimise the way you operate activities and evaluate how they can be done faster and more efficiently.

2. Creates consistency in ALL areas (internal and external stakeholders) that will make your business more profitable.

3. Enables scalability where you can take on more jobs and increase turnover WITHOUT damaging your business.

4. Creates a saleable asset for investors to buy or invest in your business.

Rob Kropp

Founder - Pravar Group

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