Do you want to reach out to NEW customers to fill your pipeline or expand your business but don’t want to come across as pushy or desperate?

Sales and Business Development CAN be quite easy but most people overcomplicate it.

In this episode, we’re going to take you through a strategy that will help not just with the challenging market we’re in now but moving forward to make sure you’ve always got a full pipeline of work.

There are no advanced sales strategies here, literally anyone can master this and start to implement after the episode. 

So if you want the strategies to open doors, generate leads and get your DREAM clients to say yes, don’t miss this episode. 

You’ll Learn:

🔨 How to overcome your fear of failure and rejection from sales

🔨 The top 3 strategies to get your foot in the door with potential customers

🔨 How to make it easy to Yes and hard to say No to a meeting

🔨The number 1 thing you want to avoid when you are face to face with your prospective client

Listen now:

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