Ever wondered why there’s too little time for too many things?  

Do you find yourself fight fires all day, causing you to work ridiculous hours, robbing you of your life?

It could be that you are not structuring your day and utilising your time in the most efficient way as possible.

The truth is that productivity, profitability and overall performance isn’t about being a workhorse, keeping busy or burning the midnight oil. 

It’s more about understanding your own priorities and tackling those priorities head on - the strategies and activities that create capacity and give you and your business the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) on your time, energy and money.

Organising yourself can boost how much work you can get done in an average day dramatically, and as a result, frees up time for other tasks and activities.

Start now by: Asking Daily Organisation & Prioritisation Questions

How you start the day determines how productive you are throughout the day.  Don't start your day by responding to emails or opening social media.  This is one sure way of allowing other peoples priorities or agenda to hijack your day.

Take control of your schedule and start your day by asking the following questions:

  • What are the priorities I have to complete today?
  • What are the potential obstacles that are going to prevent me from completing my priorities today?

The important process allows you to nurture a positive mindset and set the intent for your day.


Time Block your Day and Schedule your Priorities

Once you know what your priorities are, time block them throughout your day using a calendar system.  It then takes discipline and focus to protect that time to work on your priorities, don’t quit until your priorities are done and eliminate those distractions and get in control of your day so you can achieve your outcomes you desire. 

It is important not to get overly ambitious when you are trying to be more productive. It can be easy to lose focus if you have too much on your plate, so set realistic priorities that you can achieve in a day or two.

It should not be too easy, or you will get bored and your concentration will slip; setting yourself healthy challenges that are still able to be achieved, is a great start to heading on the right track.

However, if it is too difficult, then you will become anxious and most likely unmotivated to complete the overall project. So find the sweet spot by breaking priorities into bite-size activities.

It is important to be flexible, yet strict, while you are organising yourself to be more productive.

Flexible breaks throughout your day can increase your productivity, provided you schedule them properly. 

Rob Kropp

Founder - Pravar Group

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