Stress is a five letter word that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The increasing amounts of pressure in the business can have an overwhelmingly negative effect on overall performance, not to mention your health and emotional well-being.

The key to handling stress is to understand it and take preventative steps. Good business mentoring teaches us a few things that can help deter anxiety in the workplace.

If you are feeling a little anxious and stretched out at work, try these simple tips to calm you down:

Nurture Positive Relationships

It may seem simple, but a little social interaction can eradicate stress instantly. Our brains are finely tuned to take in facial expressions, so a good listener will pick up on stress and coax you out of it.

Similarly, a burden shared is a burden halved, so any stressful situations at work can be broken down through positive relationships in the office. Think of it like venting any frustrations you may currently have.


Treat Your Body Right

Getting some exercise does wonders to your body and mind, and it doesn’t need to be a marathon. Walking, playing table tennis or even pacing back and forth can increase your blood flow and alter your mindset entirely.

Also, be aware of your diet. When we’re stressed, our diet tends to go out of whack – we’ll eat nothing, eat a lot or binge on junk food.

This will add fuel to the fire and increase stress and fatigue. If you are suffering from a little stress, then take a look at your food intake. Try to cut back on sugars, refined carbohydrates and moderate the caffeine (such as coffee).


Prioritise Your Work

One of the most common ways stress can occur at work is through a build-up or backlog of work. It can be incredibly daunting and leave you feeling lost, but if you have a lot of work that needs done you have to start somewhere.

The best way to eradicate any stress due to your workload is to prioritise and organise. Take the biggest, most pressing tasks head-on, and break down any work that is too big.


Plan well to prevent pressure

If you are starting to feel the pressure at work, try not to worry too much. Be proactive, look at your current situation and see where the stress might be coming from.

Look at your workload, your lifestyle and your relationships at work—are they all healthy? If not, you may need to make some adjustments to your overall lifestyle to help combat these aspects.

Rob Kropp

Founder - Pravar Group

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