Getting off the tools is usually so you can have MORE time right? 

But the day you put them down, the thing most people have to pick up instead … is their phone. 

When they come to us most business owners are fielding between 50-100 calls a day from their team or clients – which leaves NO time to get any of their own work done. 

The bad news … the reason your team call you is because YOU’VE created a culture of dependency where they NEED you to get their job done. 

The good news … this is an EASY thing to change and just by listening to this episode you’ll have the exact tools you need to cut your phone calls in half. 

There are three main reasons your team are currently picking up the phone so in this episode Dan and I talk through what these are and the changes you can implement so those calls don’t just stop for a week, but they actually stop for good. 

You’ll Learn:

<img role=The #1 reason building a team has meant MORE problems and EVEN LESS TIME

<img role=How to get your team to STOP calling you and figure it out themselves 

<img role=What information your team need from YOU to increase their productivity and ability to problem solve 

<img role=How Frank the Painter went from a team of 2 working 70+ hours a week, to a team of 14 doing 30 hour weeks, giving him time to focus on his 2 loves; Family & Fishing

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