When Ahmad started working with us, all he wanted was to go on a holiday with his family where he wouldn’t be interrupted. 

Fast forward and not only has his business doubled, he’s moved out of an industry where he was losing money on jobs, he has just purchased another business AND had three weeks completely uninterrupted with his family. 

For so many men in the trades and construction industry, they can’t grow because they don’t know how, often, they might not know the BEST levers to pull to give them the best return, but the thing that is ACTUALLY holding them back is their mindset. 

It’s that little voice in your head when you’re completely on your own driving from site to site that tells you ‘You’ve just fluked this’ ‘You’re going to lose this job’ ‘Your team are going to walk’ … that voice can completely cripple you and worse than that, it puts a limit on what you can achieve next. 

If you are feeling like business and life is all-consuming, and you have an internal voice that you know is holding you back, Ahmed’s story is a must-listen.

You’ll hear:

<img draggable= Why so many business owners in the trades & construction industry hit a ceiling that they can’t break through 

<img draggable= How to structure your business, by putting the right people in the right positions to reclaim your nights and weekends

<img draggable= How Ahmad went from wanting to shut down his business, to doubling his business from $2mill to $4mill, taking family holidays and reconnecting with his wife and kids

And so much more.

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