Difficult tasks can be accomplished more smoothly and without bags of stress and anxiety to go with them. This can be done if you plan right, manage your time well and have foresight.

Here's how you can begin:

Start Big
Tackle the big hurdles first and foremost is the best way to approach the tough stuff. Once you can handle these, you can handle anything else that’s on your plate.

The psychology behind going head-on with the big tasks first improves your overall experience because you no longer need to dwell on that awful chore. Getting the most painful task over and done with improves and clears your thinking to proceed to the next task.


Structure and control your time
The first step in taking on any big challenge is taking a step back and assessing it. Consider how best to handle the workload, where potential challenges may arise and jot down estimated time scales.

Priority management and self organisation is vital. Create a schedule to break down your tasks. This visualises your work and lets you take control of your time.

This concept can be stretched as far as you like -from weeks to years. Long-term time management still involves the same premise – get your priorities right and structure your time to tackle them effectively.


Break them down 

Break down the large priorities into smaller, bite size chunks across a reasonable time frame. Not only does this let you control how much work you will be doing on any given day, but it eliminates the large task for you to accomplish. Smaller tasks are easier than one monumental piece of work.

The biggest thing to remember about handling large tasks is that they are no bigger than you make them. With proper planning and time management, you will be able to handle a much larger workload and, as a result, work more effectively.

Just like anything in life, structuring the hours in your day and the tasks you need to complete around your own productivity cycle, takes patience and practice. Assessing when you work best and when you’re better off taking a stroll down to the park, is a vital part of balancing your work life.


At the end of the day you should control your business, not let it control you.

Rob Kropp

Founder - Pravar Group

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