If you can’t control your time, you will become reactive to everything and everyone around you.

This snowballs into bigger problems because it will bring the worst in yourself and will reflect badly on your business.

Relationships in the business and at home may turn sour and you will end up more miserable with a sinking business, unmotivated staff and unhappy family.

To avoid the first consequence of poor priority management, here are a few tips to get you to be the master of your priorities, not a slave to time.

Prioritise Your Work
An average working day is usually spent switching between a great deal of work, some of which will takes weeks to complete. It is important NOT to sink your time too heavily into one thing.

Plan your work effectively into three categories:

  1. Work you can drop for the moment;
  2. Work you can delegate;
  3. Work that is long-term.

Not only does this create a great deal of organisation on your part, it also frees up time that you can then use to reflect on the projects as a whole. As a result, learning to work accordingly and realistically can shed hours off your working week.


Delegate Your Work
Trusting another with your project is risky, but it can be helpful for everyone involved. If you are in a position where you can delegate tasks elsewhere, you should. It will free up your time for more important tasks and you can dip in and out for updates to stay informed. Delegation is also a brilliant way to motivate team members by distributing more responsibility that may just get them that recognition they are after.


Use Free Time Effectively
Jot down a few of the tasks that you have been putting off, or consider how you can truly make the most out of these priceless hours. Now you can spend time with family, and doing the things you love.


If you’ve actively learned how to combine the above approaches into your daily lifestyle, you’ll proactively find a way to break bad cycles and poor time habits.

Additionally, understanding how to see your time as valuable is critical to see an improvement in how you allocate your hours to tasks, people and projects.

Rob Kropp

Founder - Pravar Group

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