The Cycle That HURTS So Many Trades & Construction Businesses (and costs you money!)

There’s a cycle that every trades business goes through before they figure out how to stop it … tell us if this is you. 

You’ve had a great few months and have been SO BUSY doing work – the team are flat out and you’ve even had to jump on the tools … but looking at the books there’s not much coming up.

You get a bit stressed, you feel like you might have to let some of your team go so you rush out and quote, and quote, and quote and quote and quote … and then all of a sudden you’re FINALLY BUSY again (for another few months) 

These dips in work happen so often they feel normal, as if maybe they’re caused by Christmas or just something that happens in the industry. 

Well today we’re going to introduce you to something we call the Win Work, Do Work Cycle and tell you that you DON’T have to be in this pattern and if you want to grow you definitely can’t be. 

You’ll Learn:

🔨The signs that you’re stuck in the Win Work, Do Work Cycle 

🔨What causes this and how you can break free for good 

🔨 The targets that you need to implement in your business to ensure consistent sales 

🔨The 2 Systems that will reduce your quoting time and increase sales conversion

🔨How to stop getting dragged back to site (EVEN when you win a whole heap of new work) 

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