Most people get into business so that they can have MORE TIME. But the wish for almost every business owner you speak to is ‘if they could just have some more time’ … and the wish for their families is often that they could have MORE time with them as well. 

It’s one of the biggest challenges in business and something that will continue to hold you back unless you master it. 

So today we’re going to be talking through how unless you change your relationship with time, you will go through life using Time as an excuse, and not achieve your true potential.

The reality is Time Management is a Myth.  Time manages itself just fine.  We all have 24 hours in a day.  It is what you prioritise to do in the time that you have is what matters.

We’re going to talk about the changes that we’ve seen our most successful clients make that have enabled them to balance family, business and life.

If you’ve been struggling with time lately and feel like no matter what you do there are not enough hours in a day, tune in to this one. 

What you will learn:

<img draggable= Why you always feel like you ‘just need more time’ and how to break out of this cycle

<img draggable= Why Priority Management trumps Time Management

<img draggable= How to recognise that you are using time as an Excuse, and how to Prioritise more of what matters in the Time that you have

<img draggable= What are the common Low Value Tasks (LVT’s) that are robbing you of the time to work ON your business and be present with your family.

<img draggable= How to Stop being a ‘Yes Man’ and Start being intentional with your time

And so much more.

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