This Follow-Up Process Made Our Client $250k in 2 weeks

Every time we talk about this topic people find hundreds of thousands of dollars (and no we’re not exaggerating). 

Getting a quote together usually takes a fair bit of time, energy and money… and one of the biggest mistakes we see in the trades and construction industry is after they send out the quote, they jump on to the next one. 

If you’ve been quoting as much as you can but your pipeline and bottom line are still feeling empty, then this week’s episode is going to teach you one of the fastest and simplest ways to fill your pipeline AND how to get more people to say YES to your quotes moving forward. 

You’ll Learn:

🔨 The Fastest way to convert sales with people you have already quoted work for

🔨 What most people are missing from their quoting systems 

🔨 The 3 Phases you must implement to have an effective Follow Up System

🔨 How to Follow Up WITHOUT sounding pushy 

🔨 How to turn a NO into a future sales opportunity

Listen now:

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