Most trades and construction business owners will hit a ceiling when they are growing their business. 

They can get to $1 million, $1.5 million or even $2 million but then often will get stuck and aren’t sure how to break through. 

In this week’s episode, we’re talking about how you can smash through that ceiling PROFITABLY because the other thing that we see WAY too often is when business owners start to grow, they add on the team … and then all of a sudden they find they’re not making any money and quickly revert back to their old ways, size and team. 

So what is the answer to all of this? Growing your team. 

Now you might be thinking that you’ve tried it before, that we have no idea what it’s like to actually be in your business, that there are NO good tradespeople out there and that is EXACTLY why Dan is putting on the client hat and talking through all of these problems PLUS what to do when you can’t find anyone as good as you and why in the past it’s just cost you MORE time and money and hasn’t resulted in more profit. 

You’ll Learn:

<img draggable= Why most people make LESS money the bigger they get (we call this revenue no man’s land) and how you can avoid this 

<img draggable= The VERY simple test we give to our clients to find out who they REALLY need before making their next hire

<img draggable= How to recruit the right people at the right time that will unlock MORE growth for you, using our Revenue to Resourcing Matching Principle

<img draggable= The most important skill you must develop in order to unlock all the time, profit and freedom you want from your business

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