Do you feel stuck in a rut? Are you going round and round in circles where you lack clarity and direction to get to the next level?

In the past you had moments of motivation, energy, desire and drive to achieve your goals, but lately you feel like you've lost all that.

You are not alone.

Watch this video as I talk about a client of mine Brad, who was turning over $500,000 a year but was overworked and stuck. But he has been able to turn it all around by reconnecting with his Why.

It reminded me of my favourite quote: "When you've lost your way, you've lost your Why".

When Brad realised why he lost his Why, he made a big turn around and now has more focus, drive and motivation than ever before. He is experiencing exponentially growth in his business as a result.

You don't have to have a big magical "Why" but you need to ask yourself what is most important to you and what gets you out of bed every day?

It's a simple question but one that makes you think deeply. For Brad, it was a big incentive from his supplier to give him and his family a holiday if he achieved certain sales targets. He used that as his main motivation (his Why).

Within 12 months, he's grown from just him and someone else working in his business to a team of four. He's now able to spend more time with his family and less time on the business his profits and sales grow.

When you've lost your Why, you've lost your purpose because you're just doing the rounds on auto-pilot. Get back to the fundamentals and choose something that you can focus on today, this month, this quarter that'll drive you to serve more people to make more money.

Purely focus on that Why with intense and intensity - and never give up until you've achieved your Why. When you've achieved that, celebrate hard and you'll be amazed at the results you will achieve.

Rob Kropp

Founder - Pravar Group

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