If you’re experiencing cash flow problems you just need more cash right? 


Well at least in our experience … throughout the hundreds of clients we’ve coached we’ve seen that if you see the numbers aren’t going the way you want and just start to look for more sales without solving the root cause of those money problems first, you’ll often end up in a WORSE situation than where you started with more problems than ever before. 

If you’ve got no shortage of work but when you try to grow your net profit stays the same or actually decreases OR you want to grow and set yourself up for success, this episode is for you. 

You’ll Learn:

<img role=The precise point in a Trades business, where more money will create more problems than actually fix.

<img role=How to avoid the trap of growing your business and only growing your costs not your profit 

<img role=Why knowing your numbers is the key to growing a profitable business (and how to start) 

<img role=Why Nick ran at a loss EVEN after growing to $2.5mil and how we helped him achieve a $450k Net Profit Turnaround in 12 months. 

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