Welcome to the first episode of The Trade Den. 

This is a podcast we’ve wanted to start for such a long time (and had quite a few requests for) because the world of being a business owner in the trades and construction industry can be pretty challenging and lonely at the best of times. 

So many tradies start their business because they want to create a better life… to love what they do, earn more money, and have more time with their family.  

However, the stark reality for so many of them is they end up working even MORE hours and seeing their family less than ever before. 

I’m your host Rob Kropp, founder and CEO of Pravar Group and together with our Coach & Operations Manager Dan Stones we are here to help break this cycle and to reconnect families again, The Trade Den is our free resource to help you get there. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

<img role= Why business is HARD  

<img role= What to expect from The Trade Den 

<img role= The reason coaching DOESN’T work for so many people 

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Listen now:

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