Are you struggling to retain good staff?

The question you have to ask yourself is, “Would you want to work for you?”

Just like in other areas of life, there needs to be give and take…

Think about your spouse. When you work long hours and don’t have enough time or energy for them, are they bursting with love for you?  

Are they going out of their way to help, care and support you?  Most likely not. Most likely they’re feeling neglected, taken for granted and uninspired.

It’s the same with staff… Sure you want them to leverage your time, freeing you up to work in your specific skill-set, and hit the business goals.

But reality is, you are part of your team. You’re the leader. It’s not you and them. It’s You (plural).

Sure you don’t want to be hand-holding all day, micromanaging or putting up with lack luster performance…

But if you expect the best you should give your best.

When you take a step back and ask yourself - Would you work for you? If the answer is "Yes", then great!

But if it's "No" - it could be a reflection of yourself as a leader.

It's time to ask the hard questions:

  • Are you holding your staff accountable?
  • Are you giving the team a clear direction of what they want?
  • Are you empowering them by giving them freedom in their role to let them achieve their goals
  • Are you inspiring, motivating and developing them?

The worse thing you can do as a leader is to leave your employees alone and let them run on their own free will.

If your team is under performing, chances are there is lack of leadership.

Rob Kropp

Founder - Pravar Group

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