It’s hard to believe but I’ve had many business owners initially get impatient with me when I tell them it all starts with creating their UNIQUE VISION…

Without vision you’re literally going nowhere.

Without vision you will lack motivation, direction and drive.

You will also lack the ability to be an inspiring leader.

Successful business owners who have managed to stand the test of time, even through challenging economies, have tapped into this internal inspiration and dedicated themselves whole heartedly to the achievement of their dreams.

You, your business and your money will not rise above your vision. 

Small visions build small business.

Large visions build large businesses.

No vision builds nothing.


Creating the Vision

When you begin the strategic planning and budgeting process, visioning comes first.

The key is to discover the dream that would inspire you enough to do whatever it takes to grow your business.

Having an inspiring Vision for your business that is bigger than you, bigger than your business and a cause for you to work towards through any adversity is POWERFUL.

It's time to strategise your preferred future...

Imagine that you have no limits on what you could be, do and achieve in your business in the years ahead. What does your business look like as it is giving you your ideal life? What results are you getting in your business? What is your Turnover? Profit? What Income are you personally taking from the business? How many hours are you working? What sort of work are you doing? Describe your team? Describe the culture of your business? Where is your business located? Why did you get into business? Why are you still in business?


Once you have answered these questions, use the information to create your business vision… It’s worth calling a team-planning day to get this right.

Rob Kropp

Founder - Pravar Group

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